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Council Members

Leadership & Executive Committee

Kirsten Moncada image
Kirsten Moncada, FPC Chair
Office of Management And Budget

Joo Chung image
Joo Chung, FPC Vice-Chair
Department of Defense

Kellie Cosgrove Riley image
Kellie Cosgrove Riley
Office of Personnel Management

Charles Cutshall image
Charles Cutshall
Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Shannon Dahn image
Shannon Dahn
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Rene Hadjigeorgalis image
Rene Hadjigeorgalis
Department of State

Lynn Parker Dupree image
Lynn Parker Dupree
Department of Homeland Security

Lyn Kirby image
Lyn Kirby
Department of Defense

Rebecca Richards image
Rebecca Richards
National Security Agency

Claire Stapleton image
Claire Stapleton
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Peter Winn image
Peter Winn
Department of Justice

E.O. 13719 Council Members

The membership of the Federal Privacy Council includes the Privacy Branch Chief in the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs at the Office of Management and Budget, who serves as the Chair, and the Senior Agency Officials for Privacy at each agency described in Executive Order 13719. The Privacy Council may also include other officials from agencies and offices, as the Chair may designate, and the Chair may invite the participation of officials from such independent agencies as she deems appropriate.
Eric F. Stein image
Eric F. Stein
Department of State

Ryan Law image
Ryan Law
Department of the Treasury

Deborah J. Hartley image
Deborah J. Hartley
Department of the Interior

Gary Washington image
Gary Washington
United States Department of Agriculture

Department of Commerce

Al Stewart image
Al Stewart
Department of Labor

Karl Mathias image
Karl Mathias
Department of Health and Human Services

Lynn Parker Dupree image
Lynn Parker Dupree
Department of Homeland Security

Nancy Corsiglia image
Nancy Corsiglia
Department of Housing and Urban Development

Jack Albright image
Jack Albright
Department of Transportation

Ann Dunkin image
Ann Dunkin
Department of Energy

Kevin Herms image
Kevin Herms
Department of Education

Department of Veterans Affairs

Vaughn Noga image
Vaughn Noga
Environmental Protection Agency

Benjamin Huebner image
Benjamin Huebner
Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Keith Bluestein image
Keith Bluestein
Small Business Administration

Jeffrey Seaton image
Jeffrey Seaton
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Mark Walther image
Mark Walther
United States Agency for International Development

Beth Killoran image
Beth Killoran
General Services Administration

Dorothy Aronson image
Dorothy Aronson
National Science Foundation

Gary M. Stern image
Gary M. Stern
National Archives and Records Administration

Council Members

Kristi Scott image
Kristi Scott
Central Intelligence Agency

Rob Schwartz image
Rob Schwartz
Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Tannaz Haddadi image
Tannaz Haddadi
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Erin Prest image
Erin Prest
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Naomi Lefkovitz image
Naomi Lefkovitz
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Royce Min image
Royce Min
Social Security Administration

Council Committees

Agency Implementation Committee

Collaboration strengthens the Federal privacy community. This committee’s mission is to provide a forum for Federal agency staff to discuss issues and share knowledge related to privacy program governance and privacy risk management.

Rebecca Richards, Co-Chair
National Security Agency
Claire Stapleton, Co-Chair
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Federal Privacy Workforce Committee

The greatest asset of a Federal privacy program is its people. This committee supports Senior Agency Officials for Privacy in hiring, retaining, training, and developing an effective and efficient workforce of privacy professionals that enables agency mission success.

Kellie Cosgrove Riley, Co-Chair
Office of Personnel Management
Shannon Dahn, Co-Chair
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Public Affairs and Community Engagement Committee

The Public Affairs and Community Engagement Committee fosters the growth and vibrancy of the federal privacy community by raising awareness of Council related opportunities for leadership and professional growth. In addition, the Committee supports the Federal Privacy Council’s efforts to engage and educate the public and the Federal privacy community through the Council’s website, newsletters, and events.

Charles Cutshall, Co-Chair
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Lyn Kirby, Co-Chair
Department of Defense

Technology and Innovation Committee

To enable the transformation to a 21st-century government that serves the American people more effectively, agencies must embrace and leverage cutting-edge technologies, new digital services, and advances in data analytics. This committee addresses issues at the intersection of privacy, technology, and policy with the overall goal of promoting innovation and enabling the wide-scale adoption of new technologies and services.

Lynn Parker Dupree, Co-Chair
Department of Homeland Security
Rene Hadjigeorgalis, Co-Chair
Department of State

Council Communities of Practice

Financial Regulators Privacy Community of Practice

The Financial Regulators Privacy Community of Practice is a cross-agency community of federal partners with a role to play in providing privacy support to financial regulatory agencies. Financial regulatory agencies are responsible for overseeing the functioning and fairness of financial markets and for prevent and investigate fraud, keep markets efficient and transparent, and make sure customers and clients are treated fairly.

Claire Stapleton, Co-Chair
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Kevin Johnson, Co-Chair
National Credit Union Association

Micro Agency Community of Practice

The Micro Agency Community of Practice serves as a forum for privacy professionals in micro agencies to share privacy best practices, address challenges, and network. Micro agencies are agencies that employ fewer than 100 people.

Nadine Mancini, Co-Chair
Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
Logan O’Shaughnessy, Co-Chair
Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board

Council Working Groups

Privacy Risk Management Working Group

OMB Circular A-130 requires agencies to implement the Risk Management Framework (RMF) and manage privacy risks across the information system development life cycle. This interagency working group will provide a forum for agency privacy professionals to identify and develop best practices for managing privacy risks.

Kevin Herms, Co-Chair
Department of Education
Charles Cutshall, Co-Chair
Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Data-Driven Policy Working Group

There are numerous efforts across the Executive Branch of the Federal government to improve the policy-making through the innovative use of data. This working group ensures that federal privacy professionals coordinate and inform best practices related to data-driven policy-making. The working group is also responsible for coordinating with the Chief Data Officers Council, the Chief FOIA Officers Council, and others as appropriate.

Tannaz Haddadi, Co-Chair
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Rebecca Farr, Co-Chair
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Managing Re-identification Risk Working Group

In response to Title II of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018, all Federal agencies are challenged to establish or improve upon processes for disclosure avoidance that reduce the risk of re-identification in publicly released data assets. This working group provides a forum for agency privacy professionals who are working in disclosure and re-identification avoidance programs that function as part of an agency privacy program.

Shannan Catalano, Co-Chair
Department of Education
Jamie Huang, Co-Chair
Department of Justice