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A Resource about Privacy for Federal Government Agencies is the website of the Federal Privacy Council. The Federal Privacy Council was established in February 2016 by the President of the United States as the principal interagency forum to improve the privacy practices of Federal Government agencies and the entities acting on their behalf.

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    -or- is the website of the Federal Privacy Council. This website includes a compilation of select information related to the responsibilities and best practices for Federal Government agencies managing information resources that involve personally identifiable information (PII) and privacy requirements set forth in laws, guidance, standards, and policies.

  • The materials on this website were compiled by the Federal Privacy Council and include publicly available information about the Federal Privacy Council and some of its ongoing initiatives. This website also provides a partial inventory of laws, policies, and best practices related to the creation, collection, use, processing, storage, maintenance, dissemination, disclosure, and disposal of personally identifiable information (PII) by agencies within the Federal Government.

    This website does not provide a complete inventory of all the statutory and policy requirements associated with managing PII and protecting privacy across the Federal Government. Not all requirements or best practices on this website apply to all agencies. The information contained on this website may not reflect current legal developments or agency-specific requirements and may not be accurate or complete.

    This website is not intended to compile or include requirements or best practices that relate to the private sector. Some of the materials on this website may apply or be of interest to entities outside of the Federal Government; but, the focus of this website is exclusive to Federal agency privacy professionals and the requirements and best practices that apply to agencies in the Federal Government.