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Programs and Events

Federal Privacy Council’s Privacy Boot Camp

The Privacy Boot Camp is an 8-week program designed to provide foundational knowledge of Federal privacy laws and policies to Federal personnel at all levels who are new to privacy roles. It serves as a central, standardized training resource for the Executive Branch. Federal privacy experts, including several Senior Agency Officials for Privacy (SAOP), instruct attendees in a collaborative interagency atmosphere seeking to identify and understand the complex privacy issues and requirements that affect the Federal Government. This program is held in the spring and fall of each year, is offered free of charge by the Federal Privacy Council, and is open to Executive Branch employees.

How do I enroll in Privacy Boot Camp? You must be an Executive Branch employee who is nominated to attend by your agency’s Senior Agency Official for Privacy (SAOP). Because the courses are intentionally kept to a limited number of attendees, SAOPs may only nominate a small number of attendees from each agency. Once nominated, the Federal Privacy Council will contact you to enroll you in the course.

When do nominations open? SAOP nominations for Boot Camp attendees are typically due in February for the spring session and in August for the fall session. The Federal Privacy Council will notify your SAOP when nominations open.

What is the time commitment for the course? The Privacy Boot Camp occurs over the course of 8 weeks, typically for four hours each week on Friday afternoons.

Can I review previous Boot Camp agendas and course materials? Yes, using USDA Connect you can view these Boot Camp materials on the FPC USDA Connect site. (A USDA Connect login is required to access the site.)

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Federal Privacy Summit

The Federal Privacy Summit is the Federal Privacy Council’s annual hallmark event, drawing privacy professionals from across the Executive Branch in the fall. In addition to featuring exciting speakers and topics, this event includes the presentation of FPC Awards, which recognize extraordinary achievements by Federal privacy professionals. It is free of charge and open to Federal employees and contractors in the Executive Branch. (An OMB Max login is required to access the page.)

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